Iain Stewart is an invaluable partner for investors on two fronts. Iain is extremely generous with his guidance, advice and insight, regardless of an investor’s experience or level of resource. At the same time, Iain’s presence in the marketplace (both above and below the radar) means he’s able to offer a never ending flow of interesting opportunities, at all investment levels, in all property types and all over the world.

Laurence Blume – Big Lessons Ltd in London

Purchasing our apartment in Florida was our second property transaction with Whole world of Property, since we first made contact last year. Iain Stewart has been helpful at every turn, the legal processes and details have all played out as the original information stated, and when necessary he has aided in the contact between third parties.

We have been very pleased and would wholeheartedly recommend Whole World of Property and Iain Stewart as a trustworthy and reputable agent when considering property purchases, both abroad and in the UK. It is vitally important to have someone you can trust when considering investing in property abroad.

Simon Henwood – Business Manager (Mary Stevens Hospice) – West Midlands, UK

Prior to dealing with Iain Stewart and Whole World Of Property I had no experience in property investment overseas. With his guidance I purchased my first property in Dubai with minimal fuss and, following impressive capital growth on this investment, added a property in Cape Town and a further property in the UAE to my portfolio.

I have always found Iain easy to contact and his response has always been very prompt, even though he and I have been on different time zones. His knowledge in the Middle East market in particular is very good and he has provided me with some useful and reliable contacts in financial services.

I have no hesitation in recommending Iain Stewart and Whole World Of Property to any Property investor; whether just starting out or with prior experience, I’m sure they’ll be of great help to you.

Ian Grant in Perth, Western Australia

I own an advertising agency and a real estate brokerage firm, from my experience in PR and marketing all I can say is Whole World of Property are doing a great PR job. I enjoy your emails and look into every single deal you send, but at the same time I don’t bother opening newsletters from other firms.

Ali in London

Buying a property locally usually is a very stressful and mentally draining ordeal. When you do it overseas you expect it to be worse. However my experience with Whole World of Property in general, and specifically with Iain Stewart has been nothing short of pleasurable. Iain has answered every question I had, called me every time I asked him to, even if he had to stay late, to make sure I get my sleep, and provided direct contact between me and the developer, and he did all this with such manners and respect. I have spread the word to all my friends to contact him for any real estate needs. I thank him so much and am considering buying another property from him, I will not consider anybody else. I am truly impressed.

Dr Ramsey Clor in California

It has been a pleasure dealing with Whole World of Property. We are always kept up to date on all the best developments in Dubai.

Iain takes a personal involvement in not just selling the property but giving you sound advise on how the market is doing… how to protect your investments, when best to sell, safest way of sending your money across, etc, etc. The list is endless.

We were relatively new investors to Dubai and I must say that since we found Iain we have been truly blessed to have had hassle free investing in a country where we did not know anything about property investment or its laws.

Iain always managed to secure a property for us in the best developments as he seems to have a very good relationship with the developers. We have been able to buy in developments which we previously could not even after being ready with the deposit on the day of pre-launch/launch. Iain not only managed to secure the properties for us but also gave us more than enough time to raise the funds to pay for our investments. I would strongly recommend Iain Stewart and Whole World of Property for its honest ways of dealing with the clients and I must say he is very trustworthy which is the most important thing when you are dealing with companies in Dubai since you have not met them face to face. He just holds your hand all the way giving you total confidence in investing overseas. I must say we have been truly blessed.

Sandra Abey in London

Every time I consider buying a property the first person I talk to is Iain Stewart from Whole World of Property, I recommend him to all of my footballer friends

Andy Marshall – United Kingdom

Dear Iain,

Thank you once again for organising a buyer for my property.
It is a pleasure to deal with you and I am impressed with the speed and efficiency with which you manage everything.

On both occasions you found numerous buyers within a couple of days and documents were exchanged within a week.

Whatever problems arose (which were on the buyers side) you dealt with quickly and ensured all ended well.

The best recommendation I can give is to say that I would never use anyone else to buy or sell a property, I would come straight to you.

If anyone wishes to contact me I will happily take their call.

Kind regards,

David Sodey in London

Iain Stewart is an internationally renowned property entrepreneur who sources interesting and innovatively financed property deals across the world.

He is very helpful and obliging and the most knowledgeable person I know on property investment.

– Patrick O’Neill – Dubai, UAE

I was fortunate enough to make contact with Iain via the internet after seeing an amazing deal in Goa. I was very interested in how he was selling properties as it made such good sense.

It just so happened that I had a large villa in Marbella ran as a business that needed the right buyer. I had been trying to sell it for a while without any success due to the agents who either wanted to give it away or advertise it so it just sits there without any viewings!

I had a chat with Iain who explained to me exactly how the market was he didn’t bullshit me or mislead me he just offered good sound advice and clearly understood that it would appeal to a certain client. I agreed for him to go ahead .. the next day he called me to say that he had interest from one of his contacts who bought property all over the world he then rang me again the following day to say it was SOLD!

I was amazed at how he found the right buyer in such a short time but he knew exactly what the property had to offer from his knowledge of the market in Marbella.

He had also been extremely helpful in talking to my bank reassuring them that the property had been sold, he also kept me updated at all times regarding the sell. I was also in contact with his lawyers who managed to source all the necessary documents needed, as I am based overseas this took a huge amount of pressure off of me during this time as I was unable to assist. This however was not a problem due to the efficiently of Iain and his colleagues.

I will be recommending Iain to anyone who wishes to sell their home or business as this is the way to go. I hope that other people get the opportunity to benefit from this as its a great way forward for both buyer and seller.

Please don’t hesitate in contacting me should you wish to.

Ann Taylor in Marbella (contact details available on request)

Hi Iain, From the first time I was put in touch with you, your service has been amazing!!!

We met for the first time on Monday 2 June when you came and took photographs and a video of my property and around 36hrs later you called to say you had SOLD my property!

If I had gone with anyone else the property would have been on the market for months.

You are very professional and the service…..can’t find words to describe it!!!!

If anyone is looking to sell their property look no further than Iain Stewart.

Many thanks and best regards,

Wilma Ramsey in Scotland

Your services along with the variety and quality of properties offered are outstanding, especially in Dubai and the UAE where I’m most particularly interested.

Communication is instant, substantial… and very much appreciated.

I’m sure I’ll be purchasing something from you very soon!

Thank you,

Gene in Los Angeles, California

I have dealt with Iain for buying and selling of property.It has been a pleasure dealing with Iain. I was always kept up to date on all the offers which I got for my properties.

Iain takes a personal involvement in not just selling the property but giving you sound advise on how the market is doing…

I would strongly recommend Iain Stewart for his good dealing with the clients and the time and efforts which he spends for clients.

Shujha Masood in Australia

I have bought couple of properties through Iain.It was a painless and smooth transaction. All correspondance was done through email, fax, regular mail.

I would definitely recommend Iain to you. He is very professional and answers my email very quickly. He also recommends if the property is a good deal or not. But so far he has only sent excellent deals.

You won’t be disappointed by his above and beyond customer service and respectful service.

Faruk in London

In the course of investigating the long term prospects for the real estate market in Dubai, I had the pleasure to speak with Iain Stewart.

He came across as a straight-forward, sympathetic and very resourceful fellow.

He does a terrific job at finding the latest availabilities with updated prices, something not prevalent in the industry.

It is without hesitation that I can recommend his services.

Mohammed Abdoh in Dubai

I have worked with Iain for the past 5 years in property investments.

I have found Iain to be honest, trustworthy, hard working and reliable, he is committed to providing a quality service to his clients and has completed a number of successful transactions, always finding the best deals to promote to his clients and providing an excellent after care service, ensuring support and help long after the deals been done.

If you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Carlton in the UK

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